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555-0131-098 Ovation 555-0131-098 Ovation Pro Balladeer 1771VL-1 Sunburst
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Ovation Pro Balladeer 1771VL-1 Sunburst

5 756,-
Før6 395,-
Du sparer: 10%
Ovation kommer tilbake til sine røtter med Standard balladeer VL.

At the heart of this retro-style guitar is Ovation’s “Vintage Lyrachord®” Roundback®, made from the same materials used on early Ovations from the 60’s and 70’s. Interwoven layers of glass filaments are bound together by hybrid resins to create a lightweight and sonically resonate body that enhances Ovation’s signature note-to-note balance and projection.
The Mid-Depth bowl blends elements of Ovation’s Super-Shallow and Deep Bowl designs. Acoustically, the Mid-Depth bowl delivers impressive projection and rich tone, yet even smaller guitarists find it comfortable to hold and play. It’s no surprise Ovation’s LX, AX, and TX models all feature a Mid-Depth body: Its proprietary Lyrachord® construction and roundback® design let it outperform typical “box” guitars. For decades, hardworking musicians have relied on Mid-Depth Ovation guitars to cut through the mix, whether played acoustically in a living room or run through a concert hall sound system.
Designed to reduce hum and line noise, the Stereo FET preamp delivers stunning stereo output, and waist-mounted individual volume and tone controls are quick and easy to adjust while performing. A contemporary version of the electronics that launched the Adamas acoustic/electric line in 1979, the Stereo FET preamp is an Ovation classic.
Pro Balladeer Vintage 1771VL
Description: 6 String Vintage Lyrachord®
Body Type: Mid-Depth Cutaway
Top: Solid Spruce
Bracing: Scalloped "X" bracing
Scale Length: 25 1/4"
Fretboard: Rosewood
Fret Inlay: Pearl dots/diamonds
Neck: 5 piece Mahogany/Maple
Bridge: Walnut
Sound Hole: Center
Preamp: Vintage Ovation FET Volume/Tone
Pickup: Ovation OCP-1K
Machines: Chrome Ovation
Case (Optional): 8358-0 Foam Core Case
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