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Steam Bent Solid Maple, Black Matte, Brass Hoops
kr 15 290,00
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A&F 6,5x14 Aluminum Snare 8 Lug

Amuminum Snare 8-Lug
kr 12 030,00
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A&F 6,5x14 Raw Brass Snare

Raw Brass Standard
kr 16 630,00
10 Lug Raw Brass Hoops (illustrasjonsfoto)
kr 13 526,00
Whisky Maple Field Snare (illustrasjonsfoto)
kr 9 644,00
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A&F Boom Cymbal Stand Nickel

Boom Cymbal Stand Nickel
kr 1 925,00
You can add a Cow Bell mount to any bass drum, which by the way can be a third leg mount if you wanted to use your bass drum as a floor tom!
kr 1 294,00
Use your A&F Drum Co Gun Shot Snare or Floor Tom as a bass drum with a pair of handmade A&F Drum Co. Brass Spurs. They fit right into the A&F Drum Co. leg brackets and will hold up against the heaviest of kickers!
kr 1 117,00
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