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Analoge Miksere

elementer per side
A&H ZED-6 Compact 6 input analogue mixer
kr 1 395,00
A&H ZED60-10FX 4 Mono 2 Stereo with USB
kr 5 395,00
A&H ZED60-14FX 8 Mono 2 Stereo with USB
kr 6 268,00
A&H ZED-6FX 6 Channel Live mixe +FX
kr 1 825,00
A&H ZEDi10 Hybrid compact mixer, 4×4 USB interface
kr 3 255,00
A&H ZEDi10FX Hybrid compact mixer, 4×4 USB interface, FX
kr 4 090,00
A&H ZEDi-8 Hybrid compact mixer, USB interface
kr 1 825,00
8-Channel Compact Mixer with Effects
kr 1 789,00
6-Channel Compact Mixer
kr 1 049,00
ART USBMix4 is a great starting point for building a personal home studio. Perfect for podcasters, songwriters or at home movie makers looking for a simple solution for recording voiceovers, location recording or adding music to your projects using any Mac or PC
kr 1 599,00
ART USBMIX6 Microphone, Instrument, and Line Mixer / Computer Interface is a compact versatile audio interface for your computer that converts analog signals from a variety of audio sources to a digital audio
kr 2 599,00