Blue Baby Bottle

Blue Baby Bottle

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The styling of the Baby Bottle is based, not surprisingly, on the company's flagship microphone, the substantial Bottle — this fabulous large-format valve microphone with interchangeable capsules costs roughly ten times as much as its junior stable mate. The new mic is roughly half the size, measuring 222mm long and 45mm in diameter, and the 'bottle' part containing the amplifier electronics is about 135mm long. The microphone weighs a modest 350g and exposed metal is finished in a brushed satin effect, while the bottle body is a sparkly black. A BLUE logo denotes the front of the cardioid pattern, and a plate fixed to the rear denotes the model type and place of manufacture, although I couldn't find a serial number anywhere on the exterior of the mic, which may be a concern to your insurers!


The hand-built microphone capsule is housed behind a spherical dual-mesh metal grille, and comprises a one-inch diameter, six-micron thick mylar-film diaphragm sputtered with a mixture of gold and aluminium. This capsule assembly is supported above the 'bottle' of the mic on a slender stalk, minimising potential reflections from the rest of the body and possibly allowing the capsule to be placed where bulkier mics could not be used.

A 5/8-inch microphone stand bracket is screwed to the base of the mic around the XLR connector, but unfortunately this was not equipped with a thread adaptor for the more usual 3/8-inch European mic stand. An elastic suspension cradle is available as an optional extra, although this clamps around the mic body of the bottle rather than the threaded base. The cradle may seem a rather expensive accessory, but it does come complete with a very natty pop-shield which fits to the capsule stalk at the top of the mic, and the mesh carries the BLUE logo for a very elegant and professional appearance. The packaging deserves a quick mention too — a smart cherrywood box with a sliding lid, and a velvet bag in which to store the microphone. Such a thing of beauty deserves to be cherished in this way!

The impedance converter electronics are all solid-state, discrete, transformerless, and of a Class-A topology. The specifications claim a self noise of just 5.5dBA and a maximum SPL (for 0.5 percent distortion) of 133dB, enabling the mic to be used in a wide range of applications, including those involving more distant miking positions. The sensitivity is a very healthy 34mV/Pa, so it won't strain your console's mic preamps too much, and has an unusually low 50O output impedance allowing long cables to be used without problems. The mic requires standard 48V phantom power, of course.

The handbook provides only a generic frequency response plot, but this indicates that the mic is substantially flat between about 60Hz to 15kHz, with a small mid-frequency peak extending between about 1.2 and 2.2kHz, and roughly 2dB high. This tends to enhance the apparent 'detail' and resolution of the mic, but in a subtle and musically complementary way. A plot of the polar response is not given at all, but a listening test suggests it is a fairly broad cardioid, with the usual proximity effects. The typical characteristics of a large-diaphragm mic are also quite obvious, in that the high-frequency pattern resembles a hypercardioid pattern and the low frequencies tend toward sub-cardioid.


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