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Universal Pedalboard Power Supply 8 Outputs, 8x9V DC, 1x18V DC & 1x12V DC
kr 895,00
a/b switch lar deg sende signalet ditt til to forskjellige oppsett
kr 325,00
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Alctron PS-2U

Nonlatching (momentary-type) foot switch
kr 295,00
PS-4 Dual Foot Switch tilbyr to pedaler i en, både latch-type og momentary-type
kr 445,00
1-Button Footswitch
kr 652,50
2-Button Footswitch for HR-12R, Pro Series Heads
kr 998,75
3-Button Footswitch for SVT4-PRO
kr 1 398,75
2 button footswitch, Pro Series
kr 585,00
Analog Bass Preamp
kr 1 318,75
Dual chorus effect with simple effective controls allowing for deep swirling effects or the subtle lift that chorus can add to a bass part.
kr 1 274,00
Bass Compressor
kr 1 318,75
The Ampeg Scrambler brings the grind and grit of a valve amp to your pedal board, with a wide range of tones available. The option to blend distortion with clean tone adds another level of versatility.
kr 1 318,75
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