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Fits into metal bass drum hoop;
kr 72,00
8mm Wing Screw, 2 Pack.
kr 96,00
Suitable for all bassdrum hoops;Angle adjustable, for perfect positioning;Mounted with "heavy duty clamp" ;Rubber inlay, prevents scratches on the hoops;
kr 732,00
Protection and reinforcement for Bass drum hole;Prevents tearing of drumhead;
kr 160,00
12.7 mm diameter;
kr 1 127,00
"Swing Nut" attachment for 8 mm tilter (1 piece);
kr 401,00
Gear tilter;Lowerable;7/8” diameter tube;13.8” down tube length;16” boom arm (1 piece);
kr 652,00
18" boom;Gear tilter;Mounts to stand;
kr 860,00
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Min: kr 37,00 Maks: kr 4 531,00
kr37 kr4531