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Trådløs frihet gjort enkelt
kr 2 280,00
Trådløs frihet gjort enkelt
kr 2 270,00
Trådløs frihet for pedalbrett
kr 2 520,00
Trådløs frihet, enkelt, visuelt oppsett
kr 3 370,00
The easiest guitar wireless system in the world, plug and play just like a cable, 24-bit digital, battery of the transmitter is charged by the receiving station, up to 8 hours of playing time, 200 hours in sleep mode, 15m range
kr 2 069,00
Stompbox-sized pedal, Up to 40m range line-of-sight, 24-bit lossless digital sound quality, Rugged metal construction, XLR DI output, Built-in rechargeable battery, Automatic or Manual frequency selection, External power supply included, 9V DC power
kr 2 909,00
6-channel digital wireless system for guitar and bass, stompbox format, 30-metre range, frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz, 118dB dynamic range, 8 hrs. of battery life, bright LEDs, encrypted data stream, rugged polycarbonate enclosure.
kr 2 329,00