JPTR FX Drumthing Deluxe

Piezo Spring Preamp Pedal

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One of the most creative and curious JPTR FX creations is without a doubt the DRUMTHING DELUXE. Inspired by many guitarists in the 1990s who attached Piezo pickups to their tremolo cavities to produce percussive and alien sounds, JPTR FX embarked upon a design that could incorporate these musical, intuitive and bizarre instrumental tones, but in pedal form.

If you’re looking to bring some splash, crash and clang into your creative workflow, then this crazy little critter should do the trick!

Main Features:

· Spring-equipped percussion instrument - from subtle clangy beats to a full-on industrial frenzy

· Built-in Piezo Mic - for capturing unique resonating textures

· Get creative - use on its own or use it with other pedals, for bold rhythmic textures

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

(centre -, 2.1 mm, <50 mA current draw)


The DRUMTHING DELUXE consists of three vital components: Springs + a Piezo microphone + an overdriveable preamp. Why? Just because! On first glance, it is a simple yet percussive little box that adds the sounds of springs to your signal. Pluck them, strum them, flick them, stomp, kick and curse at them, perhaps even in a foreign language. Play them with a violin bow, an e-bow or a real bow if you’ve got one, you wild tone-hunter. There really are no rules!


On face value, the DRUMTHING DELUXE can easily be underestimated due to its rather seemingly simple functionality. But by taking into consideration that this box will react to its surroundings, just like any microphone would, you’re in for a wild sonic ride. For example, placing it on top of your amp will immediately incorporate the amp’s own vibration, translated through the overtones produced by the springs.


For even more possibilities, you can change the springs, remove or modify them outside its percussive element. Remove the springs entirely and you have a piezo mic in a box, which you could Velcro on to any surface, instrument or flooring to capture deep, overlooked sounds in any venue, studio or even inside a bass drum.


The DRUMTHING DELUXE is many a thing, but certainly beyond being summarised in just a few sentences. It is as simple as a resonator guitar for your pedalboard or a stomp tool while playing country at a club. It could be also be as complex as your entire industrial percussion section or a means to record and capture the un-recordable.


Turn your surroundings and everything within them into instruments of their own.

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