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elementer per side
Mount Vibra-Slap -
kr 339,00
Feste til "Bar Chimes"
kr 365,00
Mount-All Super Percussion Bracket -
kr 685,00
Pedal mount Fusheki -
kr 737,00
Can be mounted to all kinds of pedals
kr 837,00
Length: 48";Material: Bamboo covered in a woven material;Stones as fill for a soft sound;Internal "tree" steps" concentrate the sound;The greater the incline, the greater the downpour;Long rain effect due to length;
kr 914,00
Shaker Finger Shots -
kr 89,00
Solid anodised metal, two shakers per box;Clean sound quality for studio recording;
kr 441,00
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Min: kr 89,00 Maks: kr 7 351,00
kr89 kr7351