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Crafted from Jenigor, LP’s exclusive plastic formulation;14 pairs nickelplated steel jingle;Double row;Eye-bolt assembly for placement on drum stand or percussion holder;
kr 567,00
Tambourine Worship -
kr 509,00
Adjustable shoulder-strap;With interior pockets;
kr 521,00
Play triangle rhythms using only one hand;Including rolls ;Fits comfortably in player hand for ease of performance;
kr 607,00
Polished chrome steel;Incl. beater;With hanger loop;
kr 448,00
Metal frame;Wood sound box;Percussion for buzzing sounds;
kr 1 050,00
Patented LP Tri-Tone Samba Whistle;Crafted of anodized aluminum;Gold;
kr 306,00
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Min: kr 89,00 Maks: kr 7 351,00
kr89 kr7351