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Based on the Jam Block design;ABS shell with steel jingles;Rubber strike surface;Mounts to any 3/8" rod;
kr 650,00
Crafted from Jenigor, LP’s exclusive plastic formulation;Strength and durability to withstand even the hardest-hitting players ;Heavy duty mounting bracket, and LP eye-bolt assembly included ;
kr 396,00
Handselected premium heads;Thickness: approx. 1 mm;Head height (when new): approx. 30 mm;Material: untanned buffalo hide;Rim: All LP Traditional and X Series bongo rims in respective size;Tip: The hoop determines the outer diameter of the head, the size determines the crown diameter of the bearing edge. LP Bongo heads have the same crown diameter regardless of the hoop tpyeThe stated head sizes fit the effective crown diameter(the biggest shell diameter of bongos and djembes).This was done to harmonize the sizes of REMO and LP congas. For LP bongos with 5 1/2", 7 1/4" and 8 5/8" size please use 5 1/4", 7" and 8,5" heads.;
kr 584,00
Front plate: Birch (double-sided, textured snare side);Body: Birch, 6-ply DW shell;Type: Wire (2 x 16), DW snare wire;Adjustability: No;Dimensions: 5""/10"/10";Made in USA;
kr 1 184,00
Cajon Americana Box Kit -
kr 5 997,00
Cajon Americana Series Kevin Ricard -
kr 6 222,00
Cajon Americana Series Wire Cajon -
kr 5 006,00
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