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Conga stand Aspire Universal -
kr 862,00
Cow Bell Beater -
kr 149,00
Cow Bell Black Beauty Senior Deluxe -
kr 822,00
8'';Mountable;Black;A mountable version of the hand held bell traditionally played by bongo players;Deep, rich, moderately dry sound;Great all-around bell;Made in the USA;
kr 636,00
3,5“;Mountable;Low Pitch;Red;Unique form creates light sounds;Thanks to the short sustain it is perfect for playing accents;Made in the USA;
kr 513,00
8“;Mountable on 3/8'' bars and 1/2 rods;Black;Rich, cutting sound is low pitched and moderately dry;Designed for drummers;Made of 14-gauge steel for added strength to withstand hard pounding;
kr 594,00
8“;Mountable on 3/8'' bars and 1/2 rods;Black;Patented;Based on the Sergio Salsa Cowbell with a yellow Jenigor ridge;Jenigor bar dampens sound and resists denting;Lower pitch than the Rock Ridge Rider;Made in the USA;
kr 772,00
4.75“;Mountable;Brushed Steel;Low Pitch;Bright sound with tuned overtones, which are typically associated with the Cha-Cha-Cha;Made in USA;
kr 487,00
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Min: kr 89,00 Maks: kr 7 351,00
kr89 kr7351