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This compact version of the LP Everything Rack is 7” long and has two mounting locations with extra long 3/8” diameter knurled z-rods that allow instruments to be mounted both above and below the rack. Constructed of chrome-plated steel, it attaches to stands from 3/8" to 1-1/8" in diameter using a strong, reversible V bracket.
kr 786,00
Tilting bracket allows mounting of one or two LP Compact Congas (LP825, LP826)
kr 1 681,00
Height: 28";Body: Fiberglass. Natural head. Hoops: Matador Soft Strike (Comfort Curve I). Finish: Black (glossy)
kr 4 641,00
Narrow shell from natural rawhide;Wood handle;Pair;
kr 730,00
Mount Agogo -
kr 280,00
Mount Cowbell -
kr 191,00
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Min: kr 89,00 Maks: kr 7 351,00
kr89 kr7351