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Chimes med en lys, gjennomborende lyd.
kr 402,00
Mount: STUDIO - holes of chime bars parallel to the wooden strip for a short, clear sustain;Number of rows: 1;Number of tone bars: 25;Fastened with Kevlar cord (LP470A);Diameter tone bars: 3/8" (9,5 mm);Longest/shortest bar: 196/74 mm;Material of tone bars: Aluminium alloy;Material of wooden strip: Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis);Incl. Steel Striker (LP512);
kr 1 119,00
Claves i tradisjonell stil. Hvitt treverk og attraktiv finish.
kr 85,00
Maple wood;Length: 10'';Diameter: 1'';Classic clave sound;
kr 97,00
Strong clamping power that ensures solid placement of microphones and percussion accessories in small, cramped spaces ;Improved rubber lined jaw prevents slipping/scratching as well as vibrations from drums and cross talk;Holds tight to any standard drum rim;Use the LP claw body with your existing claw rods or any other 3/8" mounting rod;Body Only;New Design 2015;
kr 426,00
Claw EZ Mount Gooseneck -
kr 362,00
Claw Splash -
kr 572,00
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