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Line 6

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Cover for Catalyst model 200
kr 498,00
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Line 6 Catalyst 60

The Catalyst TM60 combo amplifier performs like a traditional guitar amp, while providing the increased versatility of a modern amp, and features six Original Amp Designs crafted using ou rrenowned HX sound design techniques.
kr 3 399,00 kr 3 879,00
Cover for Catalyst model 60
kr 370,00
Catalyst footswitch
kr 496,00
Delay stompbox modeller, 16 digital effects, 18 preset memory spaces, Effect Selector, Delay Time, Repeats, Tweak, Tweez, Mix, Tap Tempo
kr 3 469,00
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Line 6 FBV2 L6 Foot Pedal

2-way foot controller for Vetta/HD147/XT/X3 Series/Flextone III/Spider II/III/IV Series
kr 494,00
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Line 6 FBV3 L6 Foot Pedal

Footswitch for: Firehawk® 1500 POD®, AMPLIFi®, Spider® IV, Spider Valve, Spider III, Spider II, LowDown®, switch with LED rings, 20-digit display, expression pedal, tap tempo switch, rugged housing
kr 2 969,00
Softcase for Genos
kr 3 029,00
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