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Robust but lightweight metal case, touch-sensitive footswitch with LED rings, programmable label fields, 3 expression pedal inputs, parameters underfoot, data transfer and power supply via a single cable
kr 3 969,00 kr 4 239,00
HX-modeling engine, 45 amplifier, 30 speakers, 16 microphones, 70 effects, boxing impulse responses, 12 capacitive footswitches, programmable label areas, hands-free editing, instantaneous mapping, 3 expression pedals, robust construction
kr 17 379,00
Guitar Effect Proccessor
kr 6 279,00
HX-modeling engine, colored 6.2" LC display, 10 inputs/12 outputs/USB audio interface/3 expression pedals, expression toe switch, channel switching external amplifier, MIDI control, digital inputs and outputs, Word Clock input
kr 15 959,00
Soft bag specially designed for the Helix, waterproof
kr 2 089,00
HX Stomp XL gives you eight capacitive-touch footswitches with color-coded LED rings while featuring the same SHARC DSP chip and HX Modeling as Helix processors, more than 300 HX and legacy amps, cabs and effects - up to 8 simultaneously.
kr 8 069,00
Membership for Spider Online, over 500 guitar lessons, jam tracks, tone stack controls/bass/midrange/treble, integrated chromatic tuner with display of note names, powered by 6 C batteries, 6.5 "speakers, tether
kr 1 729,00
32 amp models with 16 cab models, several versions of the product allows the choice between rack and stompbox versions, the combined effects allow classic setups like Delay and Chorus simultaneously
kr 1 539,00
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Min: kr 370,00 Maks: kr 17 379,00
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