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Zildjian FXS16 FX STACK W/ MNT

FX Stack, the latest in innovative sound & design, FX Stacks provide versatility to match the range of sounds you’re looking for.
kr 2 495,00
Matchede par. K' Constantinople. Suspended 16" Orkestercymbal.
kr 4 325,00
Matchede par. Suspended 17" Orkestercymbal.
kr 4 825,00
Matchede par. Suspended 18" Orkestercymbal.
kr 5 195,00
Matchede par. Vintage Medium-Light 18" Orkestercymbal.
kr 10 395,00
Matchede par. Symphonic 19" Orkestercymbal.
kr 9 195,00
Matchede par. Medium-Heavy 20" Orkestercymbal.
kr 11 895,00
Value Pack - Crash this 10" stack, and you're not only going to love the sound, you're going to be blown away with how cool it looks when you play it! Paired by the sound team at Zildjian, and offered at a special price.
kr 2 495,00