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elementer per side
Single LED Clip Light
kr 135,00
Double LED Clip Light
kr 180,00
Notstativ Svart aluminium
kr 375,00
Plexiglass musicstand for Dexibell keyboards
kr 695,00
Suitable for almost all Tablet computer (Apple, Android, Windows) ;Mounting to the (microphone) stand with 5/8" thread or tripod with enclosed pipe clip(10-25 mm);Variable rotated and tilted;All connection on the unit remain completely accessible;Two different sizes available;
kr 247,00
Upper part wood plate brown;Prism links;Tripod black;Feet stowable;Height 67 - 120 cm;Upper part 48 x 33 cm;Weight 4.0 kg;
kr 404,00
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Noteplate: 48 x 34,5 cm. Orkesternotestativ med ben som er enkle å stable. Sort.
kr 530,00
Music Stand. Orchestra model. Aluminum folding desk with page retainers and frictioning EZ Angle Roller and EZ Retainer
kr 910,00
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K&M 10100B Music Stand, Black

Music Stand - Black. Height: 650/1225 mm.
kr 290,00
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König & Meyer 10068 MUSIC STAND

K&M Notestativ, sort
kr 880,00