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Height adjustable with fulcrum shaft;Minimum height approx. 56 cm;Maximum height approx. 71 cm;Double braced;14" seat ;
kr 1 107,00
Equipped with Wooden Hoops. Maple Shell. True Pitch tension rods. Remo heads. Shell set without snare. Sizes: 22x16"BD, 13x9"TT,16x16"FT
kr 11 867,00
European maple shell;Classic wooden hoops;True Pitch tension rods;DW MAG Throw-off;Chrome hardware;Remo heads;Finish: Ebony Stain;Hoop colour: Ebony;
kr 2 087,00
14x5", 3mm seamless aluminium shell, Wooden hoops, Chrome Hardware, DW MAG snare throw-off, True Pitch tension rods, 20-strand snare wire.
kr 4 229,00
3mm seamless aluminium shell. Wooden hoops. Chrome hardware. DW MAG Throw-off. True Pitch tension rods. 20-strand snares.
kr 5 061,00
14x5", 3mm seamless bronze shell, Chrome Hardware, DW MAG snare throw off, True Pitch tension rods, 20 strand snare wire.
kr 7 675,00
14x5", 3mm seamless steel shell, Chrome Hardware, DW Mag snare throw-off, True Pitch tension rods, 20-strand snare wire
kr 3 887,00
seamless acrylic shell;transparent;DW MAG Snare throw-off;Chrome hardware;True Pitch tension rods;Remo heads;
kr 2 746,00
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