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The fretboard is where your fingers make the music, so it's important to keep it in great playing condition.
kr 99,00
A premium guitar polish for all glossy instruments, Taylor’s unique formula cleans and polishes to a high-gloss finish. Safe for all types of guitar finishes. Made in USA.
kr 100,00
The Taylor Premium Plush Microfiber Cloth is a plush charcoal gray microfiber towel for cleaning and polishing your favorite instrument without the risk of scratches or finish damage.
kr 79,00
The Taylor Premium Suede Microfiber Cloth is made from an ultra-soft fabric that will remove grit, dirt, and oils from your guitar without risking scratches or other finish damage.
kr 79,00
Taylor Satin Guitar Cleaner is a premium guitar cleaner for all satin-finish instruments. Its unique formula cleans finger oils, dirt and other marks from your guitar, bringing your instrument back to its original clean satin look.
kr 100,00