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AVNB1E-BV (Brown Violin Open Pore Semi-gloss). Artwood Acoustic Parlor Bass, AVNB1E-BV is short scale acoustic bass guitar that has a parlor body. This compact bass is ideal for situations such as playing on the couch, outdoors, on stage in more lighthearted and fun occasions. Since the 634mm short scale is close to a regular guitar scale, it is easier for both the guitar and bass player to play it than regular size bass. The shorter scale also makes it easier for beginners to press on the strings and the compact parlor body makes it easier to hold. Despite its compact body, the AVNB1E-BV has an impressively loud acoustic volume, thanks to its thin open pore semi gloss finish and the combination of solid Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. The 12 fret joint sets the bridge the center of the body which maximises the resonance of the body. Bone nut and saddle are chosen for their ability to transfer the string vibration naturally. Our new brown violin open pore semi gloss finish applied on this guitar adds even more of a vintage feel and allows the player to really get a feel of the texture of the wood. The satin finish of the Mahogany neck helps smooth position changes. The Fishman® Sonicore Pickup accurately translates the full sound to whatever amplification system you plug it into, while the Ibanez AEQ-SP2 preamp provides the extra punch of on-board EQ, and the convenience of an easy-to-read digital tuner located on the upper bout. Specs: • Parlor body. • Solid Sitka Spruce top. • Mahogany back & sides. • Mahogany neck. • Ovangkol Fretboard. • 25 scale. • Ovangkol bridge. • Cosmo Black Die-cast tuners. • AVN Wooden Multi rosette. • Fishman Sonicore pickup. • Ibanez AEQ-SP2 preamp w/Onboard tuner. • D'Addario® EXPPBB190GS Coated Phosphor Bronze strings Custom light (037 - 090 gauge). • Balanced XLR & ¼” outputs. Halsen: • Mensur: 634 mm. • Bredd vid sadel: 43 mm. • Bredd vid 14 band: 55 mm. • Tjocklek vid 1 band: 21.5 mm. • Tjocklek vid 7 band: 22.5 mm. • Radius: 400 mmR.
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