Electro Harmonix Tone Corset

Analog Compressor

Varenr: CORSET
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The Tone Corset, our new four-knob analog compressor, squeezes your guitar tone in all the right ways! Mike Matthews says, "The Tone Corset is the funkiest analog compressor I ever heard on guitar!"

Quick Specs

-Four-knob design provides excellent control and gives the user the ability to precisely shape their instrument’s dynamics.
-The Sustain knob controls the amount of compression applied to the guitar signal.
-The Attack know adjusts how quickly the compressor recovers. As Attack is turned clockwise the pedal’s response is slower and more initial pick attack comes thru.
-The Blend knob adjusts the mix of the dry and compressed signals.
-Volume controls the overall output level.
-The Pad switch pads down the input signal to prevent undesirable distortion if the Tone Coret is used with high output humbuckers, bass guitar, etc.
-True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity.
-Comes with a 9Volt battery.

Congratulations on your purchase of the Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset. The Tone Corset is an analog compressor/sustainer that allows for extreme or subtle control of the dynamics of your instrument. There are controls for setting the output volume, sustain/compression, attack, blend amount and pad switch.
Note: The TONE CORSET draws up to 9mA at 9VDC with a center negative plug or runs off a 9 Volt battery. If using an adaptor make sure to use one with the correct polarity. Failure to do so may damage your TONE CORSET and void the warranty.  Please use an Electro-Harmonix 9.6DC-200mA power supply (same as used by Boss® & Ibanez®: 9.6 Volts DC 200mA) which is sold separately.

VOLUME KNOB: Adjusts the output level of the effect

SUSTAIN KNOB: Controls the amount of the compression

ATTACK KNOB: Controls how quickly the compressor will recover

BLEND KNOB: Adjusts the mix of the dry and compressed signal set to the output

PAD SWITCH: Pads down the input signal to prevent undesirable distortion

The Footswitch selects whether the Tone Corset is engaged or in True Bypass mode. When the effect is engaged, the LED is lit.

The ¼” jack is the audio input for the Tone Corset. The input impedance is 1M?.

The ¼” jack is the audio out for the Tone Corset. The output impedance is 100?.
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