Elmwood W P Woodpecker Overdrive Pedal

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Elmwood Woodpecker Overdrive med True Bypass!

The Woodpecker is a j-fet transistor based overdrive designed with discrete components.
Its design makes it very responsive to guitar volume/microphone and/or picking.
There are three knobs;
Gain- sets the amount of overdrive
Shape- a tone control that's not only lowering the treble but changes the overall character of the pedal.
Output- sets the output level from the pedal.
Input impedance is 1Mohm
The Woodpecker has a buffered output that's capable to drive long cables with ease and has a 15dBu boost when cranked fully up, useful when you want to push the input stage of your amplifier.
True bypass switching.
Low power consumption makes the battery last for very long.
The DC inlet on the Woodpecker says 9VDC but the Woodpecker’s electronics will accept anything from 6VDC to 15VDC.
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