Korg SDD-3000 Pedal

Programmable Digital Delay Pedal

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Korg SDD-300 Digital Delay Pedal
"That" delay sound you've been waiting for is now here. The classic sound of the SDD-3000 digital delay, reborn as a pedal!
The rack-mounted SDD-3000 which appeared in 1982 was a classic digital delay that dominated the world thanks to its peerless sonic character. The classic delay effect that’s central to the guitar sounds in world-class rock bands owe a great deal to the SDD-3000, which has been the driving force behind numerous famous songs over the years.
The SDD-3000 PEDAL packs all of the SDD-3000's functionality into a convenient pedal unit. Featuring a pre-amp with ample headroom, a filter circuit that modifies the feedback sound, and modulation waveforms that allow a diverse array of delay effects, it covers all of the SDD-3000's important elements. In addition to specifications that will satisfy SDD-3000 users, it provides many new functions such as eight delay types, long delay times up to 4,000 milliseconds, selectable modulation waveforms, stereo input/output, and MIDI compatibility. The user interface has also been updated for dramatically improved ease of use.
  • All features of the legendary SDD-3000 digital delay, packed into a pedal unit.
  • Eight distinct delay types including SDD-3000, Analog, Tape, Modern, Kosmic, Reverse, Pitch and Panning.
  • The preamp that defined the sound of the SDD-3000 is faithfully reproduced.
  • Selectable filters that alter the sound of the delay repeats.
  • Choose from five types of modulation waveforms that modulate the delay time. You can also create waveforms that interpolate between two types, and make fine adjustments to the waveform.
  • Use special sound-shaping techniques such as flanging, chorus, vibrato, doubling, and Doppler effects.
  • A wide range of delay times is available, from 1 millisecond to long delays with a maximum of 4,000 milliseconds.
  • Sync mode lets you specify the delay time in terms of 11 different note values ranging from whole notes to 32nd notes.
  • A total of 80 programs (40 banks x 2 channels) can be saved.
  • LCR function lets you create multi-tap delay effects.
  • MIDI connectors are provided, allowing you to trigger program changes from an external device, or to transmit program data as a bulk dump to and from other units.
  • Seamless bypass and program changes allow you to retain the reverberant sound when switching sounds.
  • Reliable true bypass design
  • An optional expression pedal can be used to control multiple effect parameters simultaneously
    - See more at: http://www.korg.com/us/products/effects/sdd3000_pedal/#sthash.VY66jm4e.dpuf
Eight different delay types give you a wide range of variety
At the core of your sound-shaping, you can choose from a total of eight delay types. In addition to the original SDD-3000 delay, there's also analog delay modeling that provides the warmth of a BBD device, a TAPE model that reproduces a tape echo, the clean MODERN delay sound, the fantasy-like KOSMIC delay which adds pitch change to the reverb sound, REVERSE which plays the delay sound backward, PITCH, which places a pitch shifter placed before the delay, and PANNING which controls the stereo position of the output. A wide range of delay effects can be produced with this single unit. In addition, there's a ducking function that lets you apply delay only when the input is at a low level.
Effect Type
Input (0dBm=775mV)
Input Level:
    -30dBm, -10dBm, +4dBm
Max (Clip) Level (VR at 5):
    -13dBm, +7dBm, +21dBm
Output (0dBm=775mV)
Output Level:
    -20dBm, -10dBm, +7dBm
Max (Clip) Level:
    -3dBm, +7dBm, +21dBm
Frequency Response (Typ.)
10Hz ~ 20kHz:
    +0.5dB, -1dB (Direct)
10Hz ~ 17kHz:
    +0.5dB, -3dB (Effect: This frequency response is only when DELAY TYPE is set to SDD-3000.)
Dynamic Range (Typ.)
    110dB (Direct) A-Weighted
    94dB (Effect) A-Weighted
    Turn over freq: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz
    Roll off: -3dB/OCT, -3dB/OCT, -3dB/OCT
High CUT
    Turn over freq; 8KHz, 4KHz, 2KHz
    Roll off; -6dB/OCT, -6dB/OCT, -6dB/OCT
    Frequency range: 0.0 (stop), 0.01Hz ~ 15Hz
    Delay type: KOSMIC, PITCH : -12 ~ 0 ~ +12, Others: 0.0 ~ 10.0
Delay Time
    1 ~ 4,000 milliseconds 1 millisecond step (With full bandwidth)
(W x D x H)
    260 × 170 × 77 mm / 10.24" x 6.69" x 3.03"
    1.5 kg/3.31 lbs
Power Supply
    AC Adapter (DC 9V)
Current Consumption
    DC 9V 600mA
    DC9V AC Adapter
    XVP-10: Expression/Volume Pedal
    EXP-2: Foot Controller
* All product, company, and standard names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
* Appearance and specifications of products are subject to change without notice.
- See more at: http://www.korg.com/us/products/effects/sdd3000_pedal/specifications.php#sthash.5ZwDI7e3.dpuf
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