Tone City Fuxx Fuzz Fuzz

FuxxFuzz Fuzz

Varenr: Fuxx Fuzz
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Tone City Fuxx Fuzz mini pedal

Liten og nett. Låter fett!


When you plug in the Fuxx Fuzz pedal you'll realize it combines a mix of Fuzz, Distortion and an upper Octave  (which you can turn off and on) which is musical and easy to use for various styles of music.  You can get anything from the John Mayer "Crossroads" vibe through to Hendrix and beyond.

On board the Fuxx Fuzz is a 2 way switch that will change the tonality of the pedal from bright to fat allowing you to mix in the tone control with the gain to get numerous styles of fuzz.  If you're a Fuzz fan, check out this guy!

Pedal Controls:

  • Volume - Turn it up or down.. Get it loud!
  • Gain - Controls how much fuzz/distortion you want in your sound it goes from almost dead clean through to balls-to-the-wall.
  • Tone - Control the top end up or down from high end tops to thick rolled out tones
  • Switch - Up/Down: Octave On/Off.

All Tone City pedals are True Bypass and require a regular 9v Power Supply for operation as there's no battery slot.


  • Input Impendence: 500k
  • Output Impendence: 10K
  • Current: 15mA
  • Power Supply: DC 9V adapter, Polarity Reversal

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