Bare Knuckle Pickups Miracle Man

Humbucker, Open Set, Black

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Bare Knuckle Pickups, 6 string Miracle Man humbucker - Calibrated Open Set, Black

A very hot ceramic humbucker specialising in hi-gain, saturated rock tones with smooth mids and bright, crisp highs.
Defined by its high output and trademark harmonics, the Miracle Man humbucker is perfect for colossal metal tones that only a passive pickup can deliver. Surgically tight bass, huge lo-mids and smooth upper mid response produce an accented hi-end with a thoroughly percussive feel. Combined with a more compressed dynamic, single note definition is extremely articulate with masses of sustain when required.

The matching neck pickup keeps the pressure on with an equal amount of power and a sweet, vowel-like sustain from its Alnico V magnet and calibrated wind. Equally at home in bolt-on or glued neck guitars, the Miracle Man humbucker is an excellent choice for any guitarist looking for massive, hi-gain tones.


Output: Contemporary
Bridge DC: 17.5KO *
Magnet: Ceramic

Neck DC: 17.4KO *
Magnet: Alnico V

*all DC resistances are approximate

  • Bridge Spacing: 50 mm
  • Conductor: 4
  • Leg: Short (1/4")
  • Coil Colour: Black
  • Aged Coils/Cover(s): No
  • Pole Screws: Nickel Screws

Hard Rock, Shred, Progressive and Technical Metal, Early Thrash, '80s Metal and Death Metal.

Particularly well suited to single cut solid-body/glued neck guitars or heavier bodied guitars that need a brighter tone with less pronounced mid range.

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