KORG SLM-1CM SlimPitch Tuner

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Korg SLM-1CM SlimPitch Tuner. Kromatisk tuner med festeklype med mikrofon som kan festes på instrumentet.

Chromatic scale tuner with the KORG SLM-1CM Slimpitch contact microphone

In color, visibility and ease of use.
Compact tuner with MIC-only

A new compact tuner for brass band or Orchestra instrument players was completed.
Slimpitch is high in high-brightness and high-contrast color LCD display visual legibility. The body is smaller, compact size fits in the hand. Can be fixed to the stand, other private contact mic comes with advance magnet mechanism of the new ideas does not interfere with sheet music.
Much easier to read and easier to use. It is packed with Korg's new standard.

Color LCD that evolved in the new dimension of Visual gain visibility.
Employ Korg handheld tuner first color LCD display. In very vivid color VA meter with white backlighting, realized the high contrast and wide viewing angle. Not to mention the improved visibility, color-coded in vivid characters and meter display, ease of recognition and significantly increases. Player is closer to 'experience', rather than 'seeing' with parameters no longer sense, can recognize the status of the tuning quickly.

Tablet case size easy to carry.
Even smaller than the traditional card size, compact. Tablet candy package near the sense of size, so from instrument cases or clothes pockets scoot in and out smoothly. Also weight conventional until about 1/3 of weight reduction. You can carry a very.

Comes with a dedicated contact microphone mini jack connector.
Advance comes during the entire practice, hard to perceive own sound with built-in microphone is required contact Mike. It is excellent sound transmission efficiency, durability, fit, as well as Korg CM-200 microphone. Also in the Slimipitch microphone Korg's first and which uses a 3.5 mm mini jack. Small terminals in order to compact body, stuck.

In magnet fixed to the music stand, very easy to use.
Annoyance, such as traditional tuners, music stand, with sheet music where the tuner is not visible "music can't on the following page' was unavoidable. But don't worry about that if Slimpitch. To have put the magnet on top of the body, you can freeze the lower iron music stand sheet music sight you can tune without disturbing the visibility.
* Glue when mounting the stand without the magnet material (aluminium or plastic) in the magnet comes with metal plate, you can use.

Protection cover can be used as a stand.
It is useful for using offices take advantage of as a stand and rotate the transparent protection cover and secure storage at the table.

Performance tuner, built-in transpose feature.
Provides perfect small size but high unique to Korg tuner accuracy and sensitivity. In addition to every Orchestra instrument covering a wide measurement range, corresponding to the various concert pitch calibration function is installed. Furthermore transpose ( transposition ) features in addition to the normal C-style f & B e? and E ? harmonic instruments can be tuned smoothly.

Auto power off the memory back up feature.
Power off tuning supports a variety of features, such as auto power off function prevents the battery due to forgotten, and remember to turn off memory back up feature.


  • Temperament: 12 equal temperament
  • Measuring range: ( sine wave ):A0(27.50Hz )-C8 (4186 Hz)
  • Measurement accuracy: ± 1 cent less than
  • Standard pitch range: A4 = 410 480 Hz (1 Hz units)
  • Transposition range: c, F, B and e?, E ?
  • Outer dimensions: w 75 mm x D 32 mm x H 15 mm
  • Weight: body 28 g (including battery)
  • Battery life: 8 hours (A4 input continuous operating time)
  • Accessories: private contact microphone, metal plates, work confirmation
  • CR2032 type lithium batteries (3 V) x 1 piece
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