Gretsch 135 Anniversary Broadkaster

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The Gretsch 135th Anniversary Drum Set


In 1883, the Gretsch Musical Instrument Company opened its doors as a small retail store in Brooklyn, New York. 135 years later, the storied brand’s proprietorship is firmly in the hands of the Gretsch family as it carries on the same traditions set forth by Friedrich Gretsch so many years ago. To mark this milestone, we proudly present the Limited Edition Gretsch 135th Anniversary drum set and commemorative snare drum. These instruments are meticulously crafted to celebrate the Gretsch legacy and provide drummers with a playable piece of Gretsch history that will live on forever.

Designed by Gretsch master drum builder, Paul Cooper, the 135th drum set features a Broadkaster series shell with Exotic Ribbon Mahogany outer ply, finished in either Dark Emerald or Classic Mahogany nitrocellulose gloss lacquer. Single-flange 301 hoops with vintage-style claw hooks complete the retro look and add to its signature tonality.

GK-R424-A135 Classic Mahogany



3-ply maple/poplar/ribbon mahogany, Silver Sealer interiors

Roudover bearing edges


 Bass:  Maple with matching lacquer and Chrome inlay
 Snare:  Gretsch "301" single-flanged
 Toms:  Gretsch "301" single-flanged

Claw Hooks;

 Bass:  Classic Chrome Die Cast Claw Hooks with Padding Chrome T-Rods
 Snare:  Mini-Claw Hooks
 Toms:  Mini-Claw Hooks

Spurs; Chrome Telescoping Spurs

Tom Mount; Classic GTS Mount

Heads;  Tom & Snare Batter: Gretsch Coated “135th” Permatone
 Tom Resonant: Gretsch clear “135th” Permatone  Batter: White Coated Permatone PS3
 Resonant: Coated white w/ Broadkaster Logo







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