Pearl Midtown Set, Black Gold Sparkle

16x14,10x7,13x12,13x5,5 + TH-70I

Varenr: MDT764P/C701
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Big Gig. Small Rig. Huge Sound.

The vibe and pace of the city demands gear that can rise above the noise without getting in the way. At home on the street as well as on stage, Pearl Midtown, ultra-portable, compact drum kit is vital for the gigging drummer in the metropolitan groove.


Compact drum set. Unique sonic statement

The Midtown Kit’s travel drum size makes it ideal for tight spaces and it quickly breaks down into an optional two gig bags for quick transport. An elevated 16x14 bass drum, a 10x7 tom, a 13x12 floor tom, and a 13x5.5 snare create a unique sonic statement.

  • Rubber gaskets on the bass drum claws
  • Sturdy, locking telescopic bass drum spurs
  • OptiLoc suspension system for the un-drilled rack tom


"The tiny space that it occupies on the floor makes it ideal for those whose room is limited, be it for a practice kit in your bedroom or for taking to smaller gigs where not much volume is required."


"These drums are easy to tune and adaptable to just about any genre. They are as well made as Pearl’s high standards have us expect and simply a joy to play, tune and show off."


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