Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit

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Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit, Powered By Korg


Pearl e/MERGE Hybrid Elektronisk Trommesett, utviklet av Korg er en helt nytt elektronisk trommesett som tar et stort skritt fremover i utviklingen mot elektriske trommesett som føles og reagerer som en akustisk sett. Pearl har jobbet med Korg, og har benyttet funksjoner fra deres legendariske Wave tromme, for å gi padene samme følelse og respons som akustiske trommer. 

Wave trigger teknologi lar e/Merge å reagere på din touch og vibrasjonene du skaper når du spiller. Dette er komplettert med Pearl's nye PUREtouch elektroniske Pad System som har seks lag av materiale som kombineres sammen for å gi deg den mest naturlige respons på markedet i dag.

Alle de avanserte funksjonene krever en like avansert tromme-modul. Modulen har et stort utvalg av 700 HD stemmer, 35 HD forhåndsinnstilte trommesett og 36 ulike effekter. Pearl har skapt ett helt nytt lyd bibliotek, i en av verdens mest respekterte og anerkjente platestudio, Music City USA i Nashville, Tennessee.



PUREtouch Electronic Pad System

The PUREtouch Electronic Pad System is a new creation, developed by Pearl and Korg, to provide drummers with a pad surface that sits perfectly between being too bouncy and soaking up the force of the stick. The PUREtouch electronic pads are constructed from six layers of material that work together to create the most natural feeling electronic pad available today. Every area of the snare head acts and responds the same way that an acoustic snare does, from the center to the edge. The head tension can be made tighter or looser to vary the feel and the tone, allowing you to adapt your kit to your play style, and not the other way around as you have to with many other electronic drum kits. The snare pad features two separate rim triggers that are perfectly positioned to offer cross stick and rim shot effects, all fitted to a 14'' pad to provide the most authentic playing experience possible.

Wave Trigger Technology

Pearl have worked alongside Korg, taking features from their legendary Wave Drum, to provide electric pads that respond and feel like acoustic drums. This has long been the aim of all electric drums and has also been the request of drummers since electric kits were first introduced. The features of Korg's Wave Drum allowed your touch, your feel and the vibrations you create when playing to influence the tone and character of the sounds produced. Pearl have implemented this technology across all of the pads featured on the e/MERGE Electronic Kit. This has been named Wave Trigger Technology and allows every nuance of your playing style, and even your stick choice, to influence how the sounds are produced.

e/MERGE MDL-1 Module

All of the incredibly advanced features on the e/Merge Hybrid Electronic Drum Kit require an equally advanced drum module. Pearl have created the e/Merge MDL-1 Module to power the kit, providing all the power and performance required housed in a simplistic, easy to use interface. The module features a pair of multi-core processors and is filled with a large array of 700 different high definitions voices, 35 high definition preset drum kits and 36 different effects. Pearl have recorded an entirely new library for the e/Merge in one of the most respected and renowned recording studios, Music City USA in Nashville, Tennessee. Pearl have also combined a selection of sounds from Korg's renowned high definition library including electronic, orchestral and world.

PUREtouch Electronic Cymbal Pack

Each e/Merge Electronic Drum Kit includes a PUREtouch Electronic Cymbal pack, consisting of an 18'' three zone ride, a 15'' two zone crash and 14'' two zone hi-hats. The PUREtouch ride and crash cymbals feature a natural, authentic playing action with a slightly softer feel due to the rubber casing to control the volume. The cymbals all feature frequency based zone blending consistent with where you strike the cymbal. The PUREtouch cymbals also feature a natural cymbal choke function where choking the cymbals eliminates the sound and instantaneously triggers the inherent natural ring, providing the most authentic electronic cymbals yet.


  • Incredibly advanced features provide authentic and responsive playing experience
  • Uses features from Korg's Wave Drum for a powerfully natural feel
  • PUREtouch cymbals ride and crash cymbals feature zone blending and choking
  • Features 700 different HD sounds, 35 preset kits & 36 effects recorded in Music City, Nashville
  • Play your own WAV samples via USB-A
  • Electronic bass pad swivel legs provide complete customisation
  • Icon e-Rack provides complete flexibility, security and the option to expand your kit


  • Drum Module: e/Merge MDL-1
  • Snare Pad: PUREtouch EM-14S 14'' Snare Drum Pad
  • Tom Pad 1: PUREtouch EM-10T 10'' Tom Pad
  • Tom Pad 2: PUREtouch EM-12T 12'' Tom Pad
  • Tom Pad 3: PUREtouch EM-14T 14'' Tom Pad
  • Bass Drum Pad: PUREtouch 18'' Hybrid Bass Drum
  • Hi-Hat: PUREtouch EM-14HH 14'' Hi-Hat Cymbal Pad Set
  • Crash: PUREtouch EM-15C 15'' Crash Cymbal Pad
  • Ride: PUREtouch EM-18R 18'' Ride Cymbal Pad
  • Rack: Icon e-Rack


  • Sounds: 700
  • Drum Kits: 35
  • Effects: 36
  • Song Recording Type: 44.1kHz, 16bit WAV
  • Connectors:
    • Master Out L/Mono & R
    • Direct Out x 8
    • Headphones Out
    • AUX In TRS Mini
    • Main Trigger Inputs (DB-25 Connector)
    • Accessory Inputs x 3
    • USB to PC Port
    • USB-A
    • MIDI Out
  • Power Supply: 120V - 240V, 50-60Hz
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