DW DWSMTT2014SC Self Centering Seide

14" 20 strand

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Self-Centering Snare Wires

This retro-fit system allows the snare wires to self-center every time you activate the snare throw-off. The self-centering action reduces or eliminates any snare wire buzzing noise that can typically be caused by installing the wires crooked or off-center. 

This system fits all DW MAG Throw-Offs and 3P Butt-Plates. The cord loop has to be adjusted to the drum’s size and set up the first time by tying the knot.

The system comes standard with 4 screws, 2 end-plates, a hex wrench, and 4 cords that will hold 2 snare wires. 

Snare wires can be swapped out quickly by unhooking the cord loop on both sides of the drum (no tools required). 

Using this system, you can have many sizes and styles of snare wires ready to change by setting the cord length the first time and tying a double knot. Once this step is done, you can take off the wires and swap with a different set in less than a minute. 

This system enables you to:
-Change snare wires in less than a minute.
-Automatically self-center the wires to help eliminate buzzing.
-Remove snare wires easily in order to change your bottom head. Snare wires go back onto the same setting you had before removing them.
-Change the sound of your snare drum quickly by swapping the snare wires.

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