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Afroton ATS 307S Talking Shaker Black 5.5 cm
kr 165,00
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Dunlop Maraccas egg 9110

kr 48,00
LP Pro Maracas are made in matched pairs—one high-pitched, one low-pitched for a classic maraca sound. They produce loud, cutting tone that cuts through, especially on stage.
kr 240,00
Constructed of natural rawhide shells with wood handles these match paired maracas have a relatively narrow design to produce a very dry sound with tight response. LP’s Mini Rawhide Maracas are compact in size, easy and comfortable to play and sound great.
kr 282,00
LP DuoShakes are twin sets of shakers connected by two rubber bands. Play them as a set in one hand or remove the rubber bands and play individually. Available in soft, medium and loud versions.
kr 103,00
LP Twist Shaker extensions have the same interlocking system as the original Twist Shaker, allowing you to connect multiple shakers together for the exact amount of volume and attack you are looking for. Available in soft, medium and loud versions.
kr 151,00
Twist Shakers are a twin set of shakers that have a patented twisting lock mechanism that allows the player to play them as a set, one in each hand, or with add-ons. Available in soft, medium and loud versions.
kr 249,00
LP Session Shakers have easy-to-grip PVC bodies with molded end-caps for a solid feel and superb sound. Available in two sizes.
kr 202,00
The LP Rock Shaker produces a very loud traditional shaker sound that penetrates especially in live performances. Available in black and gold.
kr 346,00
Narrow shell from natural rawhide;Wood handle;Pair;
kr 695,00
Shaker Finger Shots -
kr 85,00