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A&F 1.5x16 Pancake Snare

Pancake Snare Drums
kr 5 880,00
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A&F 3x12 Raw Brass Snare

Rude Boy Snare Raw Brass
kr 7 350,00
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A&F 3x13 Raw Brass Snare

Rude Boy Snare Raw Brass
kr 8 230,00
This exact snare drum is one of a kind Prototype made with one ply Oak shell, no-re-rings or inside edge, our reverse baseball bat edge. Oak wood hoops and our patented Raw Brass Lugs and Claw Hooks.
kr 17 385,00
Steam Bent Solid Maple Black
kr 13 526,00
Raw Brass Hoops & Hardware (illustrasjon foto)
kr 13 878,00
Walnut Hoops & Raw Brass Hardware (Stand and Bag sold separately)
kr 16 231,00
Antique White Club Snare
kr 12 937,00
Mahogany Club Snare
kr 12 937,00
Gun Shot Snare Drum
kr 14 114,00
Gun Shot Snare Drum
kr 15 290,00
The Chandler Blue Club Snare Drums come with our exclusive handmade 7-ply Teak/Maple Shell, Rosewood/Teak Hoops or Untreated Brass Hoops, and Untreated Brass Hardware. We have chosen sizes that have proven to be tried and true, however, if you don't see a size you want, message us! Each drum is built to order. Lead Time: 12 weeks
kr 14 702,00