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Glide Track Drive System;Direct linkage;Telescoping beater hub;Ball bearing spring tension adjustment;Cajon platform;Adjustable beater, rounded or straight;3 different linkage lengths;Easy alteration to left-handed version;
kr 4 685,00
Made from aluminium;Direct drive;Better hoop connection;Beater with adjustable weights;
kr 7 428,00
Made from aluminium;Beater with adjustable weights;Infinite adjustment between round and eccentric gearwheel;Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp;Fix clamp on the side;With bag;
kr 7 829,00
Shell made from handselected, North American Maple;HVS shell construction;Chrome Hardware;STM Tom Mount;True Pitch tension rods;Made in USA;Without cymbals;20x16" BD, 10x8" TT, 12x9" TT, 14x12" FT, without snare drum;
kr 31 208,00
Adjustable;Realistic rebound;Foldable for transport;Without pedal;
kr 1 454,00
Round rubber practice pad;To buckle on the leg;Quick release nylon strap;Playing surface approx. 6,5 ";Perfect en route;Developed with Steve Smith;
kr 1 190,00
Solid diecast;Innovative 3 position butt end;3 possible wire tensions;Simply to switch during playing;
kr 408,00
Unique horizontal setting screw for the adjustment of the snare wire;Including magnet;Hole spacing is fitting for all former DW throw offs;
kr 749,00
185×160 cm matta med Bonham symbol
kr 1 595,00
Snare Throw-off for beaded Metal Snares
kr 1 095,00
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Min: kr 25,00 Maks: kr 171 690,00
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