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Nux Mighty 20 BT

20 Watt El gitar forsterker

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Nux Mighty 20 B

Mighty 20 BT 20 Watt Modeling Amplifier

It allows you to emulate the sound of a number of other amplifiers within a single package and
offers some useful built-in effects as well. Loud enough to rock your party or you can keep it
silent for practicing guitar only

Great Experience of Musical Sounds
Mighty 20 BT has 4 channels and each channel has 2 sound presets, and each preset offers one of
the well-known amplifiers’ characteristic sound - in short, you will have 8 amps inside. So, you can
get the real taste of different music and playing styles.

9 Variety of Digital Effects
Mighty 20 BT allows you to use and combine 3 effects simultaneously. You can engage a mod effect,
delay, and reverb at the same time and make an experiment on your sound with high-quality digital
effects. 20 BT has 3 types of modulation effects, 3 types of reverb and delay effects.

You can adjust the delay speed by using the TAP button to sync the delay effect with the groove

User Friendly Smart Design
Drive sounds, digital effects and all other function controls can be easily operated by Mighty 20 BT’s
user-friendly interface.

You can tweak a variety of different sounds from different music styles and save as a preset, and you
can recall anytime by single click. NUX Mighty 20 BT Digital Modeling Amplifier is also featured with
a precise tuner, and 3 band equalizer. The amp has both a headphone output and an aux in. This allows
you to practice along with any music player (or mobile phone) as well as practice in silence.

NUX Mighty APP
You can connect your mobile phone to Mighty 20 BT via the Bluetooth and play along with your
favorite music.
We also developed a mobile application to control Mighty 20 BT amplifier with your smart phone.
You can switch the amp's channels and control the Gain, Level and Tone parameters. Choose any
effect you want and adjust the parameters. You can control everything, and there are more functions
including some application exclusive features.

For example; you can a select Delay or Reverb and you can adjust the Mix and Repeat parameters on
the amplifier's panel. And with the mobile APP; you can choose one of the three types of Delay effects
and you can reach the Repeat, Mix and Time parameter controls (and the mobile TAP TEMPO) AND there
are also three types of Reverb effects, you can control the Decay and Mix parameters. Plus, you can
control the drum machine as well.

As an exclusive, there are 3 modulation effects and a noise gate with related parameter controls.
And we added a backing track library for your jam, but don't forget, the internet is the biggest
backing track library. You can find everything you need for improving your guitar skill or jamming.
Mighty Lite BT provides the musical sound that will keep you playing for countless hours.

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