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Taylor GS Mini-e LTD Edition Ovangkol


Varenr: GS Mini-e LTD Ovangk
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GS Mini-e Limited Edition (Ovangkol)

Exotic Grand Symphony Mini Acoustic-electric Guitar
If you've been waiting for the perfect Taylor GS Mini-e, this spruce-topped ovangkol model is a serious contender. Desired for its crisp highs and luxurious looks, the GS Mini-e features a solid Sitka spruce top and layered ovangkol back and sides. And thanks to the smaller body size of this acoustic-electric guitar, you'll comfortably play it from the studio to the stage. The GS Mini-e features Taylor's renowned ES-B pickup system with tone controls for incredible plugged-in sound.

GS Mini body shape gives great sound in a mini package
The award-winning original GS Mini was designed to be the ultimate musical companion. Inspired by the big, bold sound of Taylor's Grand Symphony (GS) body shape, the Mini scales the GS body down without skimping on sound — packing a ton of tone into a comfortable travel size and giving you a guitar that has a full voice and is incredibly fun to play.

The richness of ovangkol and the brightness of Sitka spruce
Ovangkol offers clear treble coupled with a powerfully woody bottom end that mellows and deepens over time. This Taylor GS Mini has layered ovangkol back and sides that offer the crispness and heft of ovangkol along with enhanced resistance to changes in humidity — a must-have for many traveling musicians. The miniature Grand Symphony body style further enhances the wide-ranging tone and excellent balance. But let's not forget what some would consider the most important part of any guitar; this Mini-e is built with a solid Sitka spruce top. Sitka spruce, Bob Taylor's personal favorite for an all-around great guitar, is adaptable for any playing style, and its tone will become richer and more complex as the years go by.

Taylor's ES-B delivers incredibly natural sound with full dynamics
Borrowing design elements from the famous ES-2 system, the ES-B electronics on the GS-Mini gives you an onboard digital chromatic tuner and preamp. An LED display aids in tuning along with showing when the batteries are getting low. A trio of uniquely positioned piezo elements behind the saddle capture natural, dynamic sound, with tone and volume controls for additional shaping.


- Solid Sitka spruce top sounds as beautiful as it looks and is adaptable for a variety of playing styles

- Layered ovangkol back and sides give you excellent tone and structural integrity

- Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard gives you a comfortable, toneful playing experience

- ES-B pickup designed by the same people who built your guitar


More :

A marvel of scaled-down design, the GS Mini is a fun little acoustic cannon that has taken the world by storm. Sporting a rich, full voice that belies its compact size, the Mini is ultra-portable, yet just as comfortable to cradle in the comfort of your home, making it the ultimate modern-day parlor guitar. Featuring the patented Taylor neck, this edition of the Mini features a solid Sitka spruce top. And with the easy-to-add ES-Go™ pickup, you'll have a viable performance tool, too


Body Width: 14 3/8" / Body Depth: 4 7/16" / Body Length: 17 5/8"

A scaled-down GS that’s anything but small.

  • Scaled-down Grand Symphony body

  • Great for all playing styles

  • Considered a modern-day parlor guitar

The award-winning GS Mini was designed to be the ultimate musical companion, wherever you go — or stay. Inspired by the big, bold sound of Taylor's GS body shape, the Mini scales things down without skimping on sound, packing a ton of tone into a comfortable travel size and giving you a guitar that's full-voiced and incredibly fun to play. Think of the Mini as a modern-day parlor guitar, perfect for playing around the house but also built to fit an active lifestyle.

Inspired by the big, bold sound of Taylor’s Grand Symphony, the GS Mini scales things down without skimping on sound. The guitar manages to pack a ton of tone into a comfortable, travel-and couch-friendly guitar that’s full-voiced and incredibly fun to play.


Sitka Spruce

Origin: Northwestern North America (Coastal Rainforests of Alaska and Canada)

As a guitar soundboard, or top, Sitka spruce is the tonewood standard of the modern era. It’s used on 85-90 percent of the guitars that Taylor makes. Its combination of strength and elasticity translates into a broad dynamic range, yielding crisp articulation and allowing for everything from aggressive strumming and flatpicking to fingerpicking. Sitka spruce is Bob Taylor’s personal favorite for an all-around great guitar.

Goes Well With: All styles of guitars and players.



Origin: Tropical West Africa

Used On: The 400 Series, Acoustic 4 Series - and now on LTD. ED GS Mini

Over a decade ago, Taylor introduced the guitar world to a sustainable tonewood known as ovangkol. An African relative of rosewood, it's a great sounding wood that shares many of rosewood's tonal properties, with a slightly fuller midrange and a top end that's not quite as bright as maple. Being lesser known than rosewood, ovangkol has been a sleeper hit over the years, asserting itself as an instant contender among unsuspecting players who test-drive a variety of Taylor models.

Goes Well With: Most applications. Players who perhaps don't have predefined tonal preferences, who may be generalists in their style of play, and who are looking for a well-rounded, all-purpose solid wood guitar. It works well with different body shapes.


The ES-B pickup incorporates Taylor’s Expression System® 2 piezo design elements and features an onboard preamp with a built-in digital chromatic tuner. The preamp/tuner unit features an LED display for tuning and low battery indication, along with Tone and Volume controls. The preamp/tuner is powered by two button cell 3v lithium (CR2032) batteries. Two new batteries will provide approximately 300 hours of use. The ES-B conserves battery life using a standard on/off system that will automatically turn off if left on over 3 minutes. A low battery indicator on the LED display (located on the preamp circuit board) will display an “L” when the battery reaches 4.5 volts.



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