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Mooer Pedal Controller L6

Pedal Controller Loop 6 with Tuning Function
kr 1 759,00
Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Utility 2: ABY - AB/Y Switcher
kr 720,00 kr 750,00
Amp Detonator
kr 1 610,00
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Orange FS-1 Footswitch

FS-1 Footswitch
kr 290,00
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Orange FS-2 Footswitch

FS-2 Footswitch
kr 470,00
Sturdy Multi Purpose two button footswitch with ergonomic angled design.
kr 365,00
Sturdy Multi Purpose two button footswitch with LED-lights and ergonomic angled design.
kr 385,00
Compact and robust footcontroller for the Peavey Vypyr-series ampifiers.
kr 1 250,00
Foot controller for Peavey Vypyr-series. Featuring dual assignable expression pedals and more.
kr 2 625,00
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Radial SW8 Auto-Switcher

Radial SW8 - 8 Channel Auto Switcher, 8-line in, 8-line out, 8-mic level out
kr 16 999,00