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Synthesizere og Samplere

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A Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder to perform and create multi-layered music with just the touch of a finger.
kr 3 995,00
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KORG Kp3+ Kaoss Pad Efx/Sampl.

The real-time effects unit/sampler with the latest effects and sampling functionality.
kr 3 995,00
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KORG Kr-Mini Rhythm Machine

Your trusted rhythm partner to Power-up your practicing with diverse rhythm patterns!
kr 795,00
An evolved go-to synthesizer with a focus on "FUTURE BASICS"
kr 14 595,00
Power-packed, portable Performance Synthesizer/Workstation in Super Matte Black color.
kr 7 550,00
A compact-sized synthesizer that delivers the true enjoyment of synthesis.
kr 3 795,00
Shape your Synth sound, bring it anywhere.
kr 4 795,00
A fresh update to the classic Microkorg sounds and look, making it an ideal compact keyboard.
kr 5 150,00
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KORG Mini-Kp2s Mini Kaoss Pad

A touch pad effect unit that fits in the palm of your hand, with sampler function for increased fun!
kr 1 795,00
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KORG Minilogue Analog Synth

Polyfonisk programmerbar analog synthesizer med 37 tangenter
kr 5 095,00 kr 5 395,00
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KORG Minilogue-Xd Analog Synth

An evolved next-generation analog synthesizer with huge potential for sound design and performance.
kr 6 099,00 kr 6 450,00
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KORG Monologue-Bk Analog Synth

Analog synthesizer with all-new synthesis structure optimized for amazing monophonic sounds and sequences.
kr 3 095,00